Types Of uPVC Windows We Install

The Best Windows For Your Home

When it comes to installing a wide variety of top-quality windows throughout your home, there are no better professionals for the job than the expert installation technicians at FIS Windows. We take the time to do the job perfectly the first time, leaving your home with a brand new look. No matter your stylistic preferences, FIS Windows have the right tools, materials and experience to create a stunning presentation of your home through the use of proper lighting, installation and design techniques. Here are just a few of the many window types we install:


Storm WindowsStorm Window

Storm windows are among the more common types of windows placed on houses for their traditional look and sturdy design. They offer flexibility in terms of airflow by being easily accessible and can be kept open or closed as determined by the weather. In addition to being easy to clean, our storm windows are notoriously damage-resistant due to their double-glazed design and uPVC construction.




French WindowsFrench Windows

French windows have always been popular due to their elegant design and light-enhancing properties. Set up facing a sunset or sunrise, these double-glazed windows offer an incredible view into one of nature’s most beautiful scenic templates. Our windows experts will help you select windows suited to your home’s layout with a finish that will leave you breathless. Improve your home’s value and decor with these stunning framed windows.







Door and windowsHome Window And Door Designs

When it comes to changing the face of your home’s exterior, a combined approach of replacing windows and doors is highly recommended. Not only do you get the opportunity to alter the appearance of your home from top to bottom, but you also get to make a statement and personalize your home to suit your own desires. We do not believe you should limit yourself in these aspects, as the exterior of your home makes a declaration about you and your preferences. It is also the first thing that guests visiting your home will see, and we believe you should make a great first impression in these circumstances. Let our design professionals help you find the perfect fit for your home and make it stand out from your neighbours.


All of our products are constructed from the very best materials and are installed by experienced and knowledgeable experts to your specifications. This allows you to enjoy a quality product in the comfort of your own home put in place by the best windows professionals in the industry. Contact us today online or by phone for a free quote and get the constructive power of FIS Windows working for you!