uPVC Windows Sudbury

Have you discovered our website while looking for uPVC windows in Sudbury? Well, you’re in luck! FIS Windows is one of the largest uPVC window providers in the Sudbury area. On this page we’re going to go into detail about our services, our windows we sell, and our business. If you already know about us, and know enough about windows to make an educated purchase, you can find our contact information above. If you don’t know much about windows or our business, and would like to leanr more, please keep reading. It will take five minutes of your time, and by the end of the post, you’ll know tons about windows!

Let’s start with the basics. Why would you get windows? How can they help you, the buyer? There are three main reasons people get windows. Let’s see if you fall into one of these categories.


Old Windows:

Do you have old windows in your home? Are they starting to get drafty, and there’s clearly something wrong with them? Well then you definitely want new windows, or at least window repair. If your windows are letting in cold air during the British Winter, you could be losing hundreds of pounds every Winter in addition just heating your home. Instead, get proper windows and proper installation put in, and the problems will subside.


Ugly/Unaesthetic Windows:

Is your home in Sudbury not up to par with your neighbors? Do you find yourself thinking that your windows are ugly, and don’t really fit well with your home? Lots of people do. If you have the money saved up, and want to make a serious upgrade to your home, new, aesthetic windows are a great option. They won’t break your bank, and they’ll make your home look much better. Proper windows can make the best features of your home stand out better, and by not having the ugly windows anymore, your home is no longer an eyesore.


Selling Your Home:

Sometimes your realtor may advise you to make some changes to your home before selling it. One change they may suggest is putting in new windows. By putting in new windows, your home’s value will increase, and people will feel better about buying your home. It’s easy to get new windows put in, and they’ll increase the overall look of your home. By putting some new windows in, your home’s value could seriously increase, and you might even profit off the installation or sell your home quicker.


Now why would you trust us to help you with these issues? Why FIS Windows instead of another business? There are a few reasons we’d love to give you, but we’re going to focus on one main one.

The main reason for choosing us is that we always focus on helping you, the customer. We go the extra mile to try and please you. When we enter your home, we’re coming in with a smile on our face, not a frown. We aren’t looking forward to the end of the job because then we’re done with our work day, we’re looking forward to the end of it because then we get to see how different your home looks. We’re artists here at FIS Windows, and making your home look better is what we do.


New windows drastically change the look of a home, and when we change your home’s look, we know you’re going to love it.

Now we’re going to talk about the different kinds of windows we offer here at FIS Windows. As mentioned before, if you want to get in touch with us, simply call us at 01473 251757 or click our button on top of the website for a free quote.


Tilt Turn Windows:


Tilt Turn windows are among the most popular windows here in Sudbury. They have a very traditional British look that many people are accustomed to. They won’t stand out, but they won’t be an eyesore either. They’re very easy to clean, and fit well with many home designs. They also won’t break your bank to get installed. If you want a traditional British feel to your home, seriously consider Tilt Turn windows.

Want to get in touch? Call us at 01473 251757 or request a free quote.


Casement Windows:


Casement windows are the strongest windows we offer. With A-rated glass, you’re getting a window that’s going to withstand just about anything they’re going to take. A bird flying into these windows or the neighbor kids accidentally hitting a pebble into the windows probably won’t break them. In addition, these windows look very good, and fit in well with both aluminum or hardwood!

Want a strong window that will protect your home? Contact us at 01473 251757 for information about Casement windows.


Sash Windows:


Sash windows are your standard Victorian design that you’ll see in many older homes. They’re scratch resistant, and look very aesthetic, if paired with the right home. If they’re put on a more modern home, they can look out of place at times, so please think before just throwing them on any home. If you want a window that will provide longevity, while still looking great, Sash is a great choice.

To get Sash windows installed in your home, call us at 01473 251757.


Bay Windows:


Bay windows are a very open, clear design. They let the optimal amount of sun into your home, heating it up during the Winter, and letting the rays flow in during the Summer months. They are incredibly good looking, and fit in many different shapes. We can cut and fit them in just about anything, so choosing Bay windows for any job is never a bad idea. They will definitely help to increase the resell value of your home.

For a great, aesthetic window, try Bay Windows. Call us at 01473 251757 for information on them if you have any further questions.


Dorma Windows:


Dorma windows are for a more unique purpose than the windows listed above. They’re only used for sloped roofs or windows. You’ll see them on those roofs that incline out or in. They let tons of sun in, and are great for stargazing or looking down at the city below you. If you want a window that will provide you the maximum amount of space in a small area, Dorma windows are really the only choice.

Have a sloped area that needs new windows? Call us for a Dorma installation. 01473 251757.


Arches or Other Shapes:


This is the last window type on our list, but definitely isn’t the worst window by any means. Arches fit in well on some homes, but what we mostly want to talk about here is the fact that we can mold windows into just about any shape for you. Want a special, unique window shape in your home? We can do that here at FIS Windows, and it really isn’t a huge hassle. It won’t cost you an extraordinary amount either. If you’re interested in getting a unique shape for your home that everyone will notice, give us a call and we’ll be in touch with you.

As we’ve mentioned throughout the article, if you have any window-related question, or need help with your uPVC windows in Sudbury, please call us. We’ll put an expert on the line with you, and before you know it, your window dreams will be fulfilled.